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Nigel Lithman, leading barrister for drugs and general crime

As a leading drugs charge barrister, Nigel believes that all clients require and deserve the same robust defence, whatever they are charged with and whoever they are.  Whist Nigel is used to representing the most serious of criminals (as in the case of R v Stone where he appeared at the Old Bailey for the only Defendant to be acquitted in an armed robbery conspiracy), he applies the same skill, expertise and experience for his clients charged with drug-related offences

He appears regularly in the Magistrates Court. For instance last year in a case alleging a schoolboy indecently assaulting the children for whom he babysat.  He also regularly appears in road traffic cases in the same courts.

But equally he has appeared in such cases as :

R v L : An alleged drug cultivator using major parts of a disused old mill in Manchester for the purpose, in which firearms were found.

R v M.H : Nigel was parachuted into the trial halfway through owing to dissatisfaction with the assigned counsel in order to take it over .

R v F.C. : An old Bailey trial of a man charged with 4 armed robberies.

R v Gungor Tekin. Nigel represented throughout the appeal process for this ex Turkish International footballer in a major heroin importation case.

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