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Nigel Lithman, leading fraud & financial crime barrister

As a leading fraud barrister Nigel spends a part of every year leading in VHCC cases involving allegations of “white collar crime”. Varying in nature (such as MITC & boiler room frauds), size and trial length, they are each of vital importance to the individual charged. He has defended in several well known and long running Operations brought by HMRC including Euripus (MITC carousel fraud, client acquitted), Capri, Divert & more recently Rosary. These cases were paper heavy (VAT?) frauds upon the Revenue, involving allegations running to hundreds of £millions.

In 2014, he concluded the representation of a Director of a mobile phone company in what was viewed as “a remarkable result”. Nigel continues to undertake such trials all around the country, for those charged with all aspects of financial crime associated with or independent of cases in which he has appeared, including P.O.C.A. proceedings.

Nigel is frequently instructed to represent professional individuals facing allegations of fraud. Most recently, in R v Bache (2013), he represented an accountant charged in a nationwide Building Industry fraud. Successful at trial, he went on to defeat the prosecution in their appeal to the Court of Appeal. He is also currently instructed to represent another accountant charged with conspiracy to defraud at trial fixed for 2016. Operation Hornet is currently the largest fraud case slated to be tried in Southwark Crown Court for six months.

In R v Malik (2012) a prosecution brought by the Serious Fraud Office, despite what may have at first appeared to be overwhelming evidence, he secured the acquittal of a solicitor charged with offences in connection with a series of high value commercial mortgage frauds leading to the loss of £50m. In R v Eden, her represented the Chief Executive of a P.L.C charged with falsifying information to affect end of year figures and share prices.

In 2015, having successfully obtained leave on a question of law in Confiscation proceedings, he is due to appear in the Court of Appeal on the question of hidden assets. In R v Rasool - another confiscation case, the Prosecution sought to recover £16 million and actually recovered £85,000

In 2012 he represented Pruthi in “the largest and longest running Ponzi fund ever to come before the courts of this country”.  This Ponzi Scheme fooled up to 700 victims out of £115m.

During 2012 Nigel also successfully defended in a four month trading standards case in which he represented the three directors of a substantial company acquitted of conspiracy to defraud. All that the prosecution succeeded in securing a conviction upon was a minor regulatory matter, for which the Defendants received community penalties.

He appeared in Ainscough: Money laundering, class A drugs conspiracy




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