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Nigel Lithman, leading regulatory tribunal barrister

Nigel has appeared as advocate on numerous occasions in many diverse spheres of disciplinary work as a leading tribunal barrister.  He has appeared in cases not just involving police officers but also doctors, nurses, before education tribunals and even a butcher before his licensing authority. Irrespective of the forum, these cases each had significant bearing on the future professional life of the individual concerned, and demanded outstanding advocacy skills to secure the best outcome.

Nigel has been instructed frequently on behalf of the Police Federation to represent high ranking police officers both at the magistrates and Crown Court and in Police Disciplinary matters. By way of example, he successfully represented the Deputy Chief Constable of Essex in a private prosecution brought by an animal rights group.  In Operation Apache, he represented a police sergeant allegedly associated with the murder of Tate and others in the Rettendon killings.The case of R v Joseph involved alleged police brutality by a custody sergeant against an accused being transported from his cell. Nigel is an occasional visiting lecturer on topical matters to the Police Federation.

He has represented several doctors before the GMC (for example R v S, a case involving unlicensed cosmetic surgeries and the alleged misuse of botox), nurses before the NMC and a young student at Oxford who faced being sent down for allegedly cheating in exams. In common, these cases brought together two of Nigel’s best known attributes: an empathy towards the individual whose livelihood was at stake combined with his skill as an advocate.

During 2012 in DIAZ,  in a four month trading standards case, he successfully represented the three directors of a substantial company charged with conspiracy to defraud. By the end, the prosecution secured a conviction only upon a minor regulatory matter, for which the Defendants received community penalties.

In the course of his career, Nigel has also appeared as advisor to different regulatory panels including the Nursing & Midwifery Council.

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