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Nigel Lithman, leading road traffic offences barrister

Nigel has represented those charged with a wide range of traffic offences as a leading traffic offences barrister.  Whilst not always the most serious of crimes, very often they represent a worrying episode in the client’s life.  Nigel appears as a matter of regularity in the Magistrates court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal in relation to allegations falsely made to the prejudice of the road user, all the way up to occasioning fatality on the road, either in a car or commercial vehicle.

He frequently represents those charged with death caused by dangerous driving, at one stage he was nominated counsel to the campaign involving drink driving.  The case of T involved a death allegedly caused by the dangerous driving of the head of a travelling community moving fairground equipment.  This year Nigel has advised in consultation a man in his 80"s whose vehicle collided with a pedestrian whilst not under his control.  Nigel as in many fields is prepared to accept instructions either through a solicitor or by Direct Access to him.

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