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Nigel Lithman, leading sexual offences barrister

Throughout his career as one of the UK’s leading sexual offences barristers Nigel has regularly defended those charged, often wrongly, with offences of a sexual nature, either within the family or between relative strangers.  These are allegations easily made and difficult to refute. In the Crown Court he has successfully represented those wrongly accused with committing rape or other sexual assault against strangers or relatives, adults or children.  As in all cases, Nigel fights tirelessly for his clients and never allows them to feel abandoned or alone.

The variety of cases have included representing members of the priesthood and, most recently in 2014, was successful in representing a prominent member of the Jewish community charged with indecent assault. The allegation was discontinued.

Recently Nigel represented the managing director of a company for attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was allegedly involved in trying to cover up an act of indecent assault on a waitress at Chelsea Football Club by one of his guests during a hospitality event. He was acquitted by the jury.

Nigel is also certified to sit as an approved Recorder in Serious Sexual Offences cases.

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